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No guess work

Saves you time in searching for quality prompts. There is no trial and error involved in identifying prompts that produce good results.

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Advanced prompts

Advanced prompts enable you to unlock more features and achieve predictably better results for manual tasks in specific fields.

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Copy, paste, and adjust according to your needs. Saves you time compared to using ChatGPT the regular way.

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50+ Deals on top AI tools. Updates/new deals get added every week.

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We constantly make useful resources for AI enthusiast. You can get a subscription and gain access to all our resources, and deals as well as to those resources that we will create in a subscription period.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download the products

After purchasing you should receive a notion duplication link or You will see all your products on notion page.

I have not received a purchase email

After you have entered the email address, a message with a access link automatically sends to the indicated email. Check your inbox and spam folder. If you don't receive an email with a login link, that means your email-server blocks ours in this case please ask your system administrator to add to the white list. Or let us know if you need to change your email.

If I purchase lifetime access, how would I know that you have updated the files and uploaded some new items?

we send a update emails as soon as we add new prompts and deals.